Dhaka Metro Rail Paragraph for SSC-HSC-JSC-Descriptive And Narrative Paragraph

Dhaka Metro Rail Paragraph: The Dhaka Metro Rail project is, by the Dhaka Mass Transit Company (DMTC) in Dhaka, Bangladesh: This long-cherished Metro rail is the second-largest protection of the current government of Bangladesh. MRT is proposed for five lines 1, 2, 4, 5, and 6 projects. The first line of MRT line-6 is approved under this project. It is from Uttara to Motijheel, the length of which is 20 km. Its estimated cost is $2.82bn.

It will have 16 elevated stations Dhaka Metro is projected to serve more than 60,000 passengers per hour. As a result, people will be suitable to move fluently from one place to another. It will also reduce the existing traffic jams to a great extent. Moreover, the traffic condition will also be improved as people will then less rely on private cars. The metro rail is eco-friendly because it will run on electricity. Hopefully, it will not take more than 40 minutes to travel the entire route. Metro rail will have many positive impacts on our social and economic life as well.

The Dhaka Metro Map shows the location of each station. There are currently 14 stations planned for the Dhaka Metro rail. Each station will have its own unique design and color scheme. The colors represent the different themes of the station. The Dhaka Metro Map also shows the route of the train. The route is represented by the line connecting the stations.

Thus, the initiative will not only ease the severe traffic congestion of the capital but also uplift the traffic system to an internationally, advanced level. So, the dwellers of Dhaka city are waiting eagerly for a timely inauguration of this dream project.

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