Rohingya Crisis Paragraph for HSC/SSC/JSC- Cause and Effect Paragraph

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Rohingya Crisis Paragraph

The Rohingya refugee crisis is now a burning fire for Bangladesh. About 11.5 lakh Rohingya refugees have taken shelter in Bangladesh. They have been forcibly compelled to leave their own abode in Myanmar by the Myanmar army under the direction of Aung San Suu Kyi and her accomplice army general Min Aung Hlaing. In the name of religion, these two criminals have taken resorted to terrorism.

The Myanmar army brutally killed countless Rohingya and destroyed their homes. Many people have been set on fire and shot dead. The Burmese army has created extreme panic among the innocent Rohingya people. Rohingyas started coming to Bangladesh to save their lives due to the horrific torture of the army. And the exodus has not yet stopped. At present, this huge number of Rohingya refugees is considered to be an additional pressure in a country like Bangladesh. Bangladesh herself is burdened with a vast population.

On top of that, this pressure is too difficult for her to bear. Still, the Prime Minister of Bangladesh, Sheikh Hasina like a great humanitarian, has given them shelter and is providing them with food, medicine, and other necessary things. Apart from this, she is trying her best to rehabilitate these refugees by drawing the attention of international organizations like the “United Nations” and a lot more. The prime minister of Bangladesh has already put up a five-point demand to the UN for the safe return of the refugees to Myanmar.

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